• How to register to easi/easiest account?
  • What is the use of easi/easiest account?
  • How can we protect PoA through easi/easiest account?

What is easi?

Electronic access to securities information( easi) is a convenient, easy to operate internet based facility, which allows Demat Account Holder (also called registered Beneficial Owners (BOs)) to access their Demat account directly from the website of CDSL (www.cdslindia.com), anytime anywhere, avoiding back office of Depository Participant, through which you would have opened your Demat Account.

What is easiest?

Electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions(easiest), permits Demat Account holders to submit freeze, unfreeze, off-market, on-market, inter-depository and early pay-in debit instructions from their demat account. All the facilities and benefits of easi are automatically made available to a subscriber of easiest.

What are the benefits of easi/easiest to Demat Account Holder/ (Beneficial Owner) BOs?

  1. Freeze and unfreeze holding in part or full or even part quantity of particular Scrip/ISIN. By this, even after giving PoA to Stock Broker, you can make sure that PoA cannot be misused, as ISIN can be frozen and you may unfreeze when you want to sale particular scrip and quantity. By this process, you can make PoA inactive for whatever period, you would like. ( not available in easi)
  2. Viewing and printing of holdings and/or transactions for last 30 days in their account. (no restriction in easiest for number of days)
  3. Viewing and printing the valuation of holdings in their demat account based on the previous day’s closing price on BSE.
  4. Viewing multiple demat accounts through a single login id.
  5. Monitoring corporate announcements related to the securities, held in their demat account. A BO also has the additional option to add up to 25 ISINs not held in their demat account, but wishes to monitor corporate announcements for such ISINs.
  6. Transfer to other BO/ Demat account. ( only in easiest)

What are the different types of account transfers available on easiest?

There are two types of account transfers available on easiest:

  1. Trusted account - Transfers: Permits transfers of securities from a BO/Demat Account Holder account to any 4 CDSL demat accounts of the BOs choice, which have been pre-notified by the BO/Demat Account Holder.
  2. Account of choice - Transfers: Permits transfers of securities from a BO/Demat account holder’s account to any other demat account. All the on-market, off-market, early pay-in and inter depository transactions are authenticated by means of a digital signature. The digital signature should be obtained from any of the RA (Registering Authority) of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). CDSL being one of the RAs of TCS also provides Digital Signature at a cost.


Sole holder BO/Demat Account holder, who wishes to register for easiest facility, will have to click on To “Register for Easiest” link available on the CDSL loginpage-

Sign In Easi/Easiest


  1. For registration, Sole holder BO/Demat Account Holder should enter his 08 digits - DP ID and 08 digits- Client ID and click in the check box & then click on Next.

    Easiest Registration Step 1
  2. OTP will be received on the CDSL registered mobile no. [Registered for SMS alert] In case of NRI OTP will be received on the CDSL registered email id. Then submit the OTP and click on Next.

    Easiest Registration  Step 2
  3. The BO/Demat Account Holder will be required to enter the preferred user name, security question & answer & Select the type of transfer i.e. trusted account transfer/Account of Choice transfer.

    Easiest Registration  Step 3
    • In case of trusted account transfer, User will be required to enter the trusted account holders demat account no. of the BO’s/Demat Account Holder’s choice [any four CDSL demat account], wherein the BO wishes to transfer the securities.

    • If the BO wishes to group any of his other demat account/s, BO/Demat Account Holder has the option to do so at the time of registration also.

  4. At the end of the registration, in case of Account of choice User, message will be available to the User “Registration request forwarded to the DP for authentication” Easiest Registration  Step 4 In case of trusted account registration two message will be available to the BO/Demat Account holder at the end of the registration “Registration request forwarded to the DP for authentication” and “Duly signed trusted account holders forms to be submitted to the DP for authentication of trusted account holders” and only trusted account declaration form and/or grouping form [if any account is grouped during registration] will be available to the BO for download.

  5. Once the DP authenticates the easiest registration of such sole holder BO/Demat Account Holder and when the user is logging to his/her easiest account facility for the first time, system will generate and send an OTP on registered mobile and registered email ID incase of NRI, the user will be prompted to enter the OTP at first time login.

Why should I subscribe /register for the easiest?

Easiest, not only provides all the benefits of easi, but also gives a BO/Demat Account Holder the convenience of executing debit/credit instructions from their demat account, over the internet, anytime anywhere. Biggest advantage of easiest is to Freeze and unfreeze holding in part or full or even part quantity of particular Scrip/ISIN. By this, even after giving PoA to Stock Broker/ relatives, you can make sure that PoA cannot be misused, as ISIN can be frozen and you may unfreeze when you want to sale/ transfer particular scrip and quantity. By this process, you can make PoA inactive for whatever period, you would like. ( not available in easi)

Do a BO/ Demat Account Holder still need to submit instruction slip(s) to the DP when executing transaction(s) on easiest?

No. A BO who submits instruction(s) through easiest need not give any instruction slip(s) to their DP.

If I am registered for easi, can I register for easiest?

Yes, you can by selecting the option ‘Upgrade BOID to easiest’, in your easi account login.

Can a BO/Demat Account Holder submit multiple transactions through easiest?

Yes. The easiest upload facility enables a BO/Demat Account Holder to submit multiple transactions in a single file.

Who can avail of the upload facility?

All BOs/Demat Account Holders who have opted for the account of choice login only, in easiest can avail of this facility. A BO/Demat Account Holder would have to approach their DP to have their upload rights activated.

Can I monitor corporate announcements for the shares in my demat account through my easiest login?

Yes, you can monitor corporate announcements for the securities held in your demat account through your easiest login. You can also add ISINs not held in your demat account, but wish to monitor corporate announcements for such ISINs.

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In this article you will learn about these similar quires:

  • Demat Account Vs Trading Account
  • Why Demat Account required?
  • Why Trading Account required?
  • Who can open Demat Account?
  • Who can open Trading Account?

Depository Beneficiary Account is popularly known as Demat Account. Demat Account is like an electronic locker to keep securities in electronic (dematerialised) form.

Securities like Bonds, Debentures, Equity Shares, Preference Shares or any securities having ISIN can be held in Demat Account. Securities having ISIN can be held in Demat Account even when they are not listed on any Stock Exchange. Client opting for equity segment (cash market) in Trading Account are mandatorily need to have Demat Account. Demat Account is to be open with Depository Participant (DP) of either CDSL or NSDL. ProStocks is Depository Participant of CDSL. Your Stock Broker can also be your DP. All Stock Broker are not DP.

Trading Account is used for buying and selling listed shares and securities at recongnised Stock Exchanges and different from Demat Account. Trading Account can be opened only by Stock Broker. Your Trading Account will be used for both trading as well as investment. Shares purchased through Trading Account are held in Demat Account and shares sold through trading account are transferred from Demat Account to Stock Exchange through Stock Broker.

Sr.No Difference Demat Account Trading Account
1 Account opening By Depository Participant popularly known as DP By Stock Broker / Broker Member of recongnised Stock Exchange
2 Purpose To hold listed and unlisted securities electronically To buy and sell shares and securities at recognized Stock Exchanges
3 Regulator SEBI SEBI
4 Quasi Regulator Depository Stock Exchange
5 Mode of operation By Client electronically ( through internet login) as well as physical instructions , Stock Broker through limited purpose POA given by Client  Online ( Operate through online internet login ), Offline ( through telephone call and trade, Email , personal visit etc.). Stock Broker cannot take POA.
6 Multiple Multiple Demat Account with one DP with purpose Only one Trading Account can be opened with one Stock Broker
7 Single or Joint Single or jointly with other individual Single only. Joint Trading Account becomes partnership firm , hence not possible as individual
8 Constitution / category Partnership firm cannot open in their name but can open in the name of the partner/s for the benefit of partnership firm Partnership firm can open Trading Account

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ProStocks advanced IVR allows you to take five most sought after reports yourself either on same call or on your email ID.

You will need to call from your registered mobile number to +91-22-62 43  43  50.

System will recognize you based on your registered mobile number and no further authentication required.

In case you have your family members account also against the same mobile number with ProStocks, system will recognize this and you would be automatically asked to select client code for which you need the report / information.


  • Press 1 - In case you need information over the phone (Mobile):
  • Press 2 - In case you need information on Email:
  • Press 9 - For Assistance with customer care representative for call-and-trade or any other enquiry.


  • Press 1 - for Balance Confirmation
  • Press 2 - for Bill Summary
  • Press 3 - for Stock Holding Report
  • Press 4 - for Trade Details
  • Press 5 – for Net Outstanding Position

Alternatively, you can directly dial the required enquiry using below options.

  • Press 11 for Financial Balance Confirmation over the phone
  • Press 12 for Bill Summary over the phone
  • Press 13 for Stock Holding Report over the phone
  • Press 14 for Trade Details Summary over the phone
  • Press 15 for Net Outstanding Position over the phone
  • Press 21 for Financial Balance Confirmation on your registered Email ID
  • Press 22 for Bill Summary on your registered Email ID
  • Press 23 for Stock Holding Report on your registered Email ID
  • Press 24 for Trade Details Summary on your registered Email ID
  • Press 25 for Net Outstanding Position on your registered Email ID

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IPO Investment

In Jan 2016, SEBI made it mandatory for all application in IPO and FPO ( Initial Public Offering and Follow on Public Offering ) to be through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) in which Bank of the client has to create lien ( block the amount in bank account) in favour of the Issuer. Upon allotment, lien will be removed and Client bank account will be debited to the extent of allotment amount. This solves problem delay in refund of IPO application amount upon none or part allotment. Issuer will be given amount post allotment by the Bank to the extent of allotment amount.

IPO application through cheque payment is no longer allowed. Now Stock Broker is not able to offer paperless application to client through their trading website.

Now all paperless ASBA application are possible through your bank account. Majority of the bank’s allowing their client to make IPO ASBA application from their online bank account. Client having account in those bank account who are not offering paperless ASBA application or those client who do not do online banking has to fill the physical application and submit to syndicate member for onward submission to client’s bank for creating lien marking in the client ‘s bank account.

Before 2016, broker was taking IPO application from its client along with cheque and submitting to Registrar. In that process, investor’s money was collected by the issuer and in case of over subscription, they have to refund the amount. Collecting funds even before allotment and refund in case of non allotment was time consuming process and there were many complaints from investors for non refund, delayed refund , time taken for listing due to manual process etc . ASBA has solved all such issues and also investor is able to earn interest as money is lying in their own bank account till allotment, Listing time has shortened etc.

Let’s discuss how ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) process works

With ASBA process, banks need to be part of Self-Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs). Once bank receive approval as SCSB, they can take IPO application physically on their branches or provide an online IPO investment platform through net banking facility.

ASBA process is applicable to all book-built public issues provided only one payment option by retail individual investors.

Each Self-Certified Syndicate Bank is authorized to accept IPO application which requires Applicant Number, PAN Number, DP Number, Bid Quantity details.

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About ProStocks:

ProStocks is the fastest growing Online Stock Broker in India. The company offers low cost flat fee trading plans to stock market Traders and Investors.

ProStocks is providing its NRI Service to client with Flat Rs 100 per executed order. With its online eKYC process, you can register online and get OTP (One time password on your registered email), and fill your application form online, print and courier. Once account setup process completes, you can do trade on ProStocks Star desktop ,ProStocks Star Web and ProStocks Star Mobile application.

ProStocks provide most advanced trading platform to the investor. This includes a website for trading, mobile app and a trading terminal for high frequency traders. All trading software and tools are available for free of charge. ProStocks KeyStone is most advanced and costliest back office of India with advanced IVR is provided free to NRI Clients.

Excellent risk management, customer service and clients focus approach makes ProStocks unique broker offering advance broking services at ultra-low cost.

Steps to follow to open an account:

Step by Step process for NRI's customer to complete documentation -
This process is for the Equity Delivery Trade only -

  1. Click on https://www.prostocksaccount.com/
  2. On left hand side - register your information as Name, eMail id, Country code, Mobile Number, select status as Non Resident.
  3. Generate OTP
  4. OTP will deliver on your eMail id with subject “ProStocks Registration OTP”
  5. Validate OTP
  6. After OTP validation, you will receive your login name and password on your registered email id ( in case you want to re login and complete the form in multiple session)
  7. In next step you need to fill basic information - PAN CARD, Name as PAN Card, Date Of Birth, Country of Birth and Type of account you wish to open, Aadhar Card is an optional field
  8. eKYC have 5 section – Basic Information, Preference details, Additional details, Select and pay, Submit document. 
  9. Submit Document Requires copy of -[PAN CARD, ADHAR CARD, COPY OF PASSPORT, VISA STATUS, Passport size photo.

  10. Generate PDF Document

  11. Those who are KRA and IPV compliant, can sign PDF digitally (in case you have digital signature or sign digitally based on Adhaar OTP). You need to sign Nomination Form and PoA physically and need to courier to our Mumbai Office. Those who are not KRA and IPV compliant, Print PDF and do required client Signature and witness and follow the next point also.

  12. You need to notarized/attested your document – List of Documents for NRI Account

    • FATCA Annexure duly filled and signed
    • Attested copy of PAN card
    • Attested copy of Overseas address proof – Copy of Driving License/Foreign Passport/Utility Bills/Bank Statement (not more than 2 months)/Notarized copy of rent agreement/Leave & License agreement/ Sale Deed
    • Self-certified copy of Indian address proof. Indian address proof is mandatory for NRO Account. Your Indian Address on NRO Bank Statement ( if existing ) is accepted as Indian address proof.
    • Passport size photograph
    • In case of an Indian Passport: Attested copy of valid passport with copy of Valid Visa
    • In case of Foreign Passport: Attested copy of valid passport, Copy of PIO/OCI card.
    • Proof of Bank account (a cancelled cheque leaf of your NRO savings bank account)
    • Note: Copy of PAN card, Passport, Power of Attorney and Foreign address proof to be notarized by Indian Embassy or any other competent authority like Consulate General / Notary Public / Any Court / Magistrate / Judge / Local Banker in the country where the NRI resides. The attesting authority should affix a “verified with original” stamp, name, designation, signature and date on the said documents. In case client already have Trading Account anywhere than only passport needs to be attested, rest of the document can be self attested.
  13. Bank account requirement in India
    • NRE Account:

      Self-certified copy of PIS permission letter issued by the Banker.

      For Bank Account, In case you need our help in opening Bank Account, Please do inform us. We support the following NRE PIS Bank for NRE Trading Account :

      1. Yes Bank
      2. Axis Bank
      3. HDFC Bank
      4. IndusInd Bank
      Out of above 5 Banks, IndusInd Bank is the most cost effective. Most Stock Brokers do not support more than two banks for NRE PIS, we are supporting 5 Banks. Indusind Bank / Axis Bank / Yes bank your will send the courier to pick your account opening form, in same courier, please send entire set of ProStocks to Indusind Bank along with Bank KYC form and with instruction to Bank to attest your document and provide us attested document along with ProStocks KYC set. This facility is available only when Bank account is opened through our Relationship Manager in respective Bank.

  14. Once Document is ready please courier document to us
  15. After receiving the document, we will update you with your back office and trading user Id and password
  16. Please refer the PIS bank list on NRI FAQ Section.

Non-PIS NRO Trading

Can I open NRO Non-PIS Trading and Demat Account?

NRI Trading FAQ

NRI Brokerage Calculator

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