Pricing Plans

Trade unlimited with our simple and ultra low brokerage charges


  • Only pay the flat monthly fee, no need to pay any brokerage on turnover
  • Ideal for active traders having higher frequency and volume
  • No limit on number of orders, trades or quantities
  • Free equity delivery (₹0 brokerage)
  • ₹15 per executed order (Intraday and F&O trades)
  • Ideal for investors and less frequent traders

Taxes / Fees:

We are obligated to collect taxes and fees as per regulations. Taxes and fees are charged, as applicable, and are subject to change.

  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT): STT is charged only on the sell side for equity intraday and F&O trades. It is charged on both sides for equity delivery trades.
  • Exchange Transaction Charges: The transaction charges by the exchange. Note that unlike most brokers we do not charge Clearing Charges as part of Transaction Charges.
  • GST: 18% of the total cost of brokerage plus transaction charges.
  • SEBI Charges: ₹10 per crore.
  • Call & Trade: Intraday and F&O: ₹10 per executed order. Delivery: ₹25 per executed order.
  • DP Charges: ₹20 per scrip on sell side for equity delivery trades plus 18% GST.
  • Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): There is no AMC for our trading account as well as demat account. We collect ₹1,000 refundable deposit for demat account.
  • Physical Contract Note Charges: Clients who opt to receive physical contract notes by courier will be charged ₹50 per contract note plus courier charges at actuals.
  • Stamp Duty: Stamp Duty regulation has changed from 1st July 2020 .Read more for RECENT STAMP DUTY RELATED CHANGES


Our monthly plans are active on calendar month basis which means monthly plan exist till the last date of the month. You only have to pay if you execute trade in any particular month.  If no trade is executed in your account for the entire month, then brokerage levied  will be zero.

We offer monthly plans per exchange. So to trade in both the exchanges i.e. NSE and BSE you have to take two different monthly plans one for each exchange.

ProStocks monthly plans follow calendar month. ProStocks plans are superior to prepaid Plans.  Rs 899 or Rs 499 are recovered by levying brokerage in Contract Note @ 2.5%  as and when trades are done by the client in any particular month. Suppose client has done currency trading just for one day in any particular month , then the brokerage @ 2.5 percent of value will be charged in the contract notes in such a way that total brokerage does not exceed Rs 499.  Say only Rs 300 brokerage is generated @ 2.5 percent on that day out of Rs 499 and client has not done any further trades in BSE CDS for that whole month, then no further brokerage will be levied. Client need not to pay balance Rs 199.  As plan brokerage is recovered through contract notes , there is no question of debiting any brokerage for a month in which trades are not done.

When you buy 10 lots of NIFTY Future @ Rs 8,187.00 at NSE, you pay brokerage and taxes as below. (Note: Nifty Futures lot size is 75 and total quantity for 10 lots is 750) 

  1. Unlimited monthly trading plan (except Maharashtra and Rajasthan residents)

    Rs 196.44 (Rs 0 brokerage + Rs 146.44 taxes and charges + Rs 50 stamp duty)

  2. Flat Rs 15 per trade plan (except Maharashtra and Rajasthan residents)

    Rs 213.69 (Rs 15 brokerage + Rs 148.69. taxes + Rs 50 stamp duty)

  3. Unlimited monthly trading plan (Maharashtra and Rajasthan residents)

    Rs 269.25 (Rs 0 brokerage + Rs 146.44 taxes and charges + Rs 122.81 stamp duty)

  4. Flat Rs 15 per trade plan (Maharashtra and Rajasthan residents)

    Rs 286.5 (Rs 15 brokerage + Rs 148.69. taxes + Rs 122.81 stamp duty)

Use Brokerage Calculator to find more detail.

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