ProStocks Star API

Switch to Smart Trading using ProStocks Star API

ProStocks introduces API integration with the launch of Star API. Star API is a set of simple Rest like HTTP APIs equipped with all the data required to build your own customized trading platforms to trade as per your convenience and enrich your trading experience.

With Star API, you get programmatic access to the data to place orders, manage the order book, enquire margins, access your positions and holdings, access to market live prices, and much more.

Why ProStocks Star API?

User Friendly and Simple to use APIs

Access to ProStocks Monthly Unlimited Trading Plans

  • Rs.899 (Equity and F&O)
  • Rs.499 (Currency)

Assists Faster and Real Time Trade Execution

Reliable Support for any queries

Advanced Order Types Available

  • Bracket Order
  • Cover Order
  • Good Till Triggered

Integration with Third Party Software

Star API Features:

  • Supports End to End trading cycle

    With Star API, you can place and execute real-time orders using advanced order types, enquire order margin, view positions and holdings, access order history, and much more.
  • Assists Algo Trading

    You can convert your trading ideas into trading strategies and shift to objective trading from emotional trading.
  • Languages supported

    Star API is a Rest API with Dot net Wrapper and Python library. (Many more languages to be added soon)
  • API Types Offered

    Trading API, Websocket API, Publisher API, and Historical API.
  • Exchanges and Segment Supported

    NSE – Equity, F&O and Currency; BSE – Equity (BSE F&O and Currency to be added soon)

Who can access the Star API?

  • Retail Individuals

  • Non-Resident Individuals (NRI)

Star API Pricing

API Type Subscription Charges
Trading API with Interactive a , Broadcast and Publisher API (includes websocket API) Rs.1000
Historical Data API Rs.1000

You need to pay charges once you decide to go live. you do not have to pay during testing phase.

ProStocks Star API Support

You get access to 24x7 User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment to test your application. You also get access to Web, Mobile and desktop Trading platform login for UAT environment to build your application faster.


Star API is available for all customers of ProStocks that do online trading.

Star APIs are available at Rs.1000 per month with Interactive , Broadcast and Publisher APIs. These include the trading and WebSocket APIs. To access the Historical API, you need to pay an additional Rs.1000 per month.

You need to pay charges once you decide to go live. you do not have to pay during testing phase.

There is no extra brokerage charged to place orders using API. You need to pay as per your selected plan with ProStocks.

With ProStocks, you get an option to choose from the monthly unlimited plan and flat fee plan as per your trading goals.

You need to drop a mail request to ProStocks at [email protected] to get access to Star API.

The support team will grant the API login credentials and API key for you to get started.

With Star API, you can access all the basic and advanced order types of trading.

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Intraday Order
  • Bracket Order
  • Cover Order
  • Good Till Triggered Order

Star API is available with .Net wrapper and supports Python library.

Yes, you can use Star API to create your trading strategies and build your own algo trading system.

You can write to [email protected] for any assistance or guidance. Kindly mention your ProStocks client code and API word in the subject line for easy reference.

Alternatively, you can also dial in at +91-22-62434343 for any queries. Press 3 for technical support.

Yes. ProStocks Star provides 24x7 UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment. We can also provide you virtual margin, holdings and FNO position on request of user for testing purpose, so user can test strategies and gain better understanding of API. We provide live market data and orders goes to NSE and BSE test environment. This is paper trading.

No. You need to thoroughly test your code in UAT environment. Submit logs of at least Two Orders Placement, Two Orders Modification, Two Orders Cancelation and Two Trade Confirmation of different securities. After successfully submitting logs to [email protected], ProStocks will provided "PROSTOCKS STAR API LIVE KEY" to along with endpoint for live environment. Your Charges will also commence from this date.