NRI Trading with ProStocks, Step by Step Guide.

About ProStocks:

ProStocks is the fastest growing Online Stock Broker in India. The company offers low cost flat fee trading plans to stock market Traders and Investors.

ProStocks is providing its NRI Service to client with Flat Rs 100 per executed order. With its online eKYC process, you can register online and get OTP (One time password on your registered email), and fill your application form online, print and courier. Once account setup process completes, you can do trade on ProStocks desktop ,ProStocks Web and ProStocks Mobile application besides NSE NOW Desktop, NSE NOW Web and NSE NOW mobile for Android as well as IOS.

ProStocks provide most advanced trading platform to the investor. This includes a website for trading, mobile app and a trading terminal for high frequency traders. All trading software and tools are available for free of charge. ProStocks KeyStone is most advanced and costliest back office of India with advanced IVR is provided free to NRI Clients.

Excellent risk management, customer service and clients focus approach makes ProStocks unique broker offering advance broking services at ultra-low cost.

Steps to follow to open an account:

Step by Step process for NRI's customer to complete documentation -
This process is for the Equity Delivery Trade only -

  1. Click on
  2. On left hand side - register your information as Name, eMail id, Country code, Mobile Number, select status as Non Resident.
  3. Generate OTP
  4. OTP will deliver on your eMail id with subject “ProStocks Registration OTP”
  5. Validate OTP
  6. After OTP validation, you will receive your login name and password on your registered email id ( in case you want to re login and complete the form in multiple session)
  7. In next step you need to fill basic information - PAN CARD, Name as PAN Card, Date Of Birth, Country of Birth and Type of account you wish to open, Aadhar Card is an optional field
  8. eKYC have 5 section – Basic Information, Preference details, Additional details, Select and pay, Submit document. 
  9. Submit Document Requires copy of -[PAN CARD, ADHAR CARD, COPY OF PASSPORT, VISA STATUS, Passport size photo.

  10. Generate PDF Document

  11. Those who are KRA and IPV compliant, can sign PDF digitally (in case you have digital signature or sign digitally based on Adhaar OTP). You need to sign Nomination Form and PoA physically and need to courier to our Mumbai Office. Those who are not KRA and IPV compliant, Print PDF and do required client Signature and witness and follow the next point also.

  12. You need to notarized/attested your document – List of Documents for NRI Account

    • FATCA Annexure duly filled and signed
    • Attested copy of PAN card
    • Attested copy of Overseas address proof – Copy of Driving License/Foreign Passport/Utility Bills/Bank Statement (not more than 2 months)/Notarized copy of rent agreement/Leave & License agreement/ Sale Deed
    • Self-certified copy of Indian address proof. Indian address proof is mandatory for NRO Account. Your Indian Address on NRO Bank Statement ( if existing ) is accepted as Indian address proof.
    • Passport size photograph
    • In case of an Indian Passport: Attested copy of valid passport with copy of Valid Visa
    • In case of Foreign Passport: Attested copy of valid passport, Copy of PIO/OCI card.
    • Proof of Bank account (a cancelled cheque leaf of your NRO savings bank account)
    • Note: Copy of PAN card, Passport, Power of Attorney and Foreign address proof to be notarized by Indian Embassy or any other competent authority like Consulate General / Notary Public / Any Court / Magistrate / Judge / Local Banker in the country where the NRI resides. The attesting authority should affix a “verified with original” stamp, name, designation, signature and date on the said documents. In case client already have Trading Account anywhere than only passport needs to be attested, rest of the document can be self attested.
  13. Bank account requirement in India
    NRO Account:
    • Self-certified copy of NRO Saving Bank Statement.
    • Declaration from Bank that they will deduct TDS / withholding tax as may be applicable. PIS account is no more applicable for NRO Trading Account.
    NRE Account:
    • Self-certified copy of PIS permission letter issued by the Banker.
  14. Once Document is ready please courier document to us
  15. After receiving the document, we will update you with your back office and trading user Id and password
  16. Please refer the PIS bank list on NRI FQA Section.

NRI Customer wants to trade in Equity Futures and Options:

If you intent to trade in Equity Derivatives Segment, you have to come through the custodial route. You will need to open NRO Custody Account. ProStocks offer NRO Custody account from ISSL, which is IL&FS Group Company. Your settlement obligation for trades in Equity Derivatives Segment will be done by ISSL from your custody account. ISSL charges custody account management charges and you need to do KYC with ISSL also. We will assist you in opening your custody account with ISSL. ISSL will permit custody account with assets not less than USD 5000.


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  • Guest - Babu

    i am in dubai and i have SBI NRE AND NRO a/c opened in calicut. how do i open a/c for NRI trading with you and what are the charges

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  • Guest - Babu

    Presently We support five Bank for NRI. Axis , ICICI , HDFC , Yes and Idusind. We do not support SBI as of now. We charge Rs 100 per executed order irrespective of value or quantity as Brokerage. Please send email on for more detail.

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  • Can I open NRO Non PIS Trading and Demat Account ?
    Why NRO Non PIS Trading Account Brokerage is same or equal to NRE PIS Trading Account ?
    Does opening NRO PIS instead of NRE PIS make any sense ?

    Your investment in India through Stock Market are governed by the following regulation:
    1. Foreign Exchange Management Act ( FEMA ) supervised by RBI
    2. Income Tax Act , 1961 supervised by Income Tax Department , Govt of India
    3. SEBI regulation for Exchanges , Stock Broker and Depository

    You can invest on Repatriable Basis ( NRE ) or Non Repatriable Basis ( NRO ) or both.

    When you open NRE PIS Bank Account : Your Bank provided you the following THREE services besides usual banking Services :
    1. Applying to RBI and taking PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme ) permission . This is one time activity. This is requirement under FEMA.
    2. Reporting all your transaction routed through PIS Bank Account to RBI on regular basis. This is requirement under FEMA.
    3. Calculating , Deducting and Depositing you tax liability arising out of shares sold through PIS Trading Account and proceeds credited to PIS Bank Account. This is required due to Section 195 of Indian Income Act,1961.

    FEMA has been amended in Feb, 2016 ,and NRI investing through Non Repatriable Basis ( NRO ) route are not required to take PIS permission and hence no requirement of reporting transaction to RBI.
    In nutshell , Service Number 1 and 2 mentioned here in above are no longer required for NRO Account . However Service Number 3 is still applicable.

    Banks are willing to provide Service Number 3 as mentioned here in above for NRO Account however at same charges which they are taking for NRE PIS Account. In such case your Banker will open your normal NRO Saving Bank Account , will insert Dummy PIS permission Number , so their software will behave as if this is PIS account and will rename this as NRO Investment Account and will provide you Tax Deduction Service. Since Bank need to provide this service , Stock Broker need to follow the same procedure even for NRO Trading and Demat Account which they are following up for NRE Trading and Demat Account , hence your Brokerage remain same whether you open NRE Trading and Demat Account or NRO Trading and Demat Account .

    Technically, you do not need NRO PIS Account but practically you need NRO PIS Account or so called NRO Investment Account .

    In case NRO Account is opened just to save the cost of PIS Account however funds are brought in from abroad , it is advisable to open NRE PIS Account. If all cost remain same , there is no point is giving away repatriation rights and or benefit which comes with NRE Account .

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  • Guest - Anantha

    I’m an NRI based in UK, looking to invest in mutual funds on repatriable basis (I’m in the process of opening NRE savings account and PIS account with HDFC, will also get PIS letter)
    Is this possible ?
    please let me know more details


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  • Guest - Ela Selvaraj

    Hi Prostocks,

    I am an NRI from Germany. I can arrange all the documents required for opening a trading account with you. I already opened the NRI PIS account with YES Bank. I am also KYC and IPV compliant person. I had ICICI NRI trading account but closed just last month due to high charges.

    The only problem is the Indian embassy is a city away and where I have to get a flight to reach there. Also, with Indian embassy official work culture is totally different where I am not sure I can get the attestation the same day. I checked with a local lawyer they don't notarize the Indian document. For German documents, they are charging somewhere 4000-5000 Rs per document.

    I am visiting Chennai, India next month. Is there any possibility I can submit the documents in India to avoid all these hassles?

    Looking forward to your reply.

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  • Yes , There is solution . Attestation can be done by Indian Banker in india . Since they opened your account based on your document . Please send email to and we will reply you specific

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  • Guest - amit khokhani

    Dear Sir,
    i am n.r.i. based in tanzania.
    i was investing in stock market with my nre-p.i.s. account with axis bank and borker sharekhan.
    but recently i closed my p.i.s. account and trading account with sharekhan due to higher charges and poor service.
    i think prostock has lower charges and better service,so mwould like to open account with prostock.
    so please send me all information.

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  • Mr Amit
    We have replied your email from

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  • Guest - Najeeb

    I am kra kyc verified nri depositing in mutual fund.if i want to trade stocks with prostocks will there be any kind of paper work or courrier need to do?

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  • Mr Najeeb
    Besides KRA , you meed to be IPV compliant and there must not be any change from previous KRA. If so than KRA is not required to do however all other KYC formalities has done be done. You would need to sign KYC form , do the witness etc. Yes This will be physical documentation after filling the form online.

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