Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

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Equity - Intraday Brokerage Calculator

ProStocks Brokerage
Rs 15 Per Executed Order
Turnover 8,40,000.00
Brokerage 40.00
STT Total 110.00
Exchange Transaction Charges 27.30
Stamp Duty 16.80
GST 8.08
SEBI Turnover Fees 1.68
Total Brokerage and Charges 204.10
Per Share Breakeven 0.51
Net Profit 39,795.90


You may save Rs 20/ crore  to Rs 125/crore plus GST on your futures trades . You may save Rs 500/crore to Rs 3500/crore plus GST on your options trades. Savings depends on PCM fee charged by your existing broker.  Please compare charge list page on our website www.prostocks.com  with transaction / turnover charges of your existing broker.

You not only save on Brokerage and services tax as our brokerage is lower but also on AMC, as we provide zero AMC trading and demat account.  You also save on transaction charges plus GST due to zero PCM fee, which many discount brokers are adding in transaction charges.  You may also benefit from lower stamp duty.  In many cases you saves upto 95 %  in brokerage plus GST and low transaction charges and stamp duty.