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Our innovative trading platform is designed for high quality trading experience

We offer free Desktop, Web and Mobile versions of our trading software.

We implemented advanced risk management systems protocols to ensure that our customers experience the best trading platform they deserve.

Our trading software is designed for both frequent traders as well as beginners. It gives you the professional tools so you can save time on lengthy calculations and focus on making the most out of your precious time.


Innovative Trading Terminals designed to give you a trading edge.

ProStocks Powerful Trading Software Platform - Web Trading Terminal, Mobile App Trading Platforms


Powerful, user-friendly trading website that works seamlessly on browser


Sleek design, secure and self-directed trading on the go.

ProStocks Desktop

In today's competitive financial environment, having the tools you need to trade effectively is a crucial part of any trading strategy. Our trading terminals are designed to help you in your strategy an edge on the market with tools that help you analyze price movements, identify and measure trend strength and react to market shifts as they occur.

Key Features of ProStocks Desktop (Trading Terminal)

  1. Fully customize trading application
    • Set the default screen with user defined colors.
    • Customize the trading analysis windows for faster market information.
  2. Market watches
    • Multiple Indices based market watch.
    • Single button futures and options scrip listing from cash market underlying scrip.
    • No restrictions on number of scrip in the market watch.
    • Multiple market watch update on real time.
  3. Real-Time Charting
    • Real time historical and intraday charts.
    • Market watch and chart across multiple monitor.
    • Intra-day, tick-by-tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, daily.
    • 7 days intraday chart.
  4. In-built Option Strategies Made Easy to Master in Option Market
    • Create Index Option Strategies to calculate real time returns.
    • Option calculator.
  5. Order Types
    • Cover Order
    • Bracket Order
    • Basket Order
    • Good Till Traded (GTT)
  6. Set customized order alerts and price alerts.
  7. Place After Market Orders (AMO).
  8. View position, limits and security holdings.
  9. Single Sign-in to back-office.
  10. Secured Online Fund Transfer to get real time benefits.

ProStocks Web

Our web-based application is used through our website as the interface (the ‘front-end’). Clients can access the application from any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser, instead of using an application that has been installed on their local computer. The rich html5 browser based trading enables you to trade securely from anywhere at your convenience with real time access to news, quotes and trading. It offers all features of desktop terminal within the browser window.

ProStocks Web is a browser based trading interface. It is a safe, secure and reliable online trading platform and one of the Industry’s best. It gives you maximum trading convenience and real time access to market data.

Choose the Powerful online share trading software - Using Website, Trading Terminal, Mobile App Platforms

Key Features of ProStocks Web trading

  1. Fully secured and reliable trading gateway with multi level security check
  2. Get real time market quotes and online reports
  3. Multi segment and multi market front end for trading
  4. Create multiple Market Watch based on asset class, Industry, product type (single platform for multiple exchanges BSE – Cash and NSE - Cash,F&O and Currency)
  5. Payment gateway with leading banks
  6. Real time, pre-trade and rule based risk management
  7. Hot functional keys similar to brokers terminal
  8. Set Email and SMS alerts

Key Advantage of ProStocks Web trading

  1. Accessible anywhere
  2. Accessible for a range of devices and platform
  3. No installation and maintenance
  4. Security
  5. Real-time with lesser bandwidth requirement
  6. Seamless integration with website
  7. Web applications avoid the burden in deploying in each client machine.
  8. Don't have to enforce version check in client machine.
  9. Updates are easier.
  10. Makes bug fixes easier.
  11. No administrator rights checking.
  12. Can access from anywhere.
  13. Platform independent.
  14. Support and maintenance is easier.
  15. Adaptability in mobile applications.

ProStocks Star Web Trading Application - Hindi

ProStocks Mobile App

Trade on the go using your mobile phone.

Get convenience of secure and real time access to quotes and trading on your mobile device. Our light weight fully functional trading app is secure, very easy to use and compatible to major mobile operating systems.

ProStocks Star Mobile Trading Application

ProStocks Star Mobile Trading Application - Hindi


ProStocks will email you Trading Account login ID as soon as your account is activated. For the first time login, you need to generate your  password. For that, please click on forget password link , fill the required information and you will receive password and pin on your registered email id.

ProStocks provides two trading application 

  1. BEST powered by BSE
  2. ProStocks in house Trading Application.

Both the software are available in Desktop version, HTML5 Browser and as a Mobile App.

Please do read in detail on

You can use our brokerage calculator to calculate all the cost upfront even before you place the trade.

ProStocks provide you India’s most versatile back office software which will allow you to have more than 50 reports including  your trades ,  financial statement , margin balances , holdings ,  global reports , fund payout request, short term and long term capital gain reports and many more. You can monitor all your trade real time except pending orders even from back office.


Call us at +91 22 62 43 43 43 or send us an email at [email protected] to request for a demo of our trading software and back office.

Yes, you can place buy and sell orders from Charts. ProStocks Desktop is a multi- monitor support desktop application. It allows you to open 6 real times advance Charts simultaneously.

You can open best 5 buy and sell window, buy order window and sell order window from chart in our desktop application.

You can also open best 5 buy and sell window, buy order window and sell order window from Bulk Watch as well as Advance Tick Watch window.